Closing of the First Training Cycle

The students of the first class of the Academy for Security Analysis received their diplomas of completion of training in quantitative methods and applied research in El Salvador.

This event marked the conclusion of a rigorous training program aimed at members of civil society organizations and government institutions in the security and justice sectors of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. More information.

The training program was carried out in two sessions. The first one in June 2017 and the second one in January 2018. Within the framework of this project, the National Public Security Academy (ANSP) of El Salvador kindly offered its facilities to serve as the venue for the training sessions.

The first promotion included a group of 49 participants from 12 institutions of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

The institutions that participated in the Academy during the training sessions were:

- The National Public Security Academy (ANSP), El Salvador

- The National Council of the Judiciary (CNJ), El Salvador

- The Foundation for Studies for the Application of Law (FESPAD), El Salvador

- The Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), El Salvador

- The Judicial Branch (PJ), Honduras

- The Public Ministry (MP), Honduras

- The National Police (PN) of Honduras

- The University Institute in Democracy, Peace and Security (IUDPAS), Honduras

- Youth Against Violence (JCV), Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador

- The Public Ministry (MP), Guatemala

- The Unit for the Community Prevention of Violence (UPCV) of the Ministry of the Interior, Guatemala

- The National Civil Police (PNC), Guatemala

During the first training session in June 2017, participants received training in principles of research design; collection, management and exploration of data; regression analysis 1; regression analysis 2; design and analysis of public opinion surveys; principles of program evaluation; and gangs.

In this second session, the Academy for Security Analysis offered courses on computerized text analysis; advanced project evaluation; crime prevention; social prevention; courts and prosecution; corrections, reinsertion and reintegration of criminals; and community policing.

The courses taught in June 2017 and January 2018 were given by international professors, including: Javier Osorio de John Jay College of Criminal Justice / University of Arizona; Reynaldo Rojo-Mendoza of the San Diego State University; Michael Weintraub and Andrés Ham of the Universidad de los Andes; Rosemary Barberet, Hung-In Sung and Veronica Michel of John Jay College Criminal Justice; and Viveca Pavon-Harr from the University of Texas at Dallas.

In addition, the international instructors had the support of professors from the Central American University "José Simeón Cañas" (UCA), including Mauricio Gaborit, SJ, Lorena Rivas, Daniel Sosa, Alba Chávez, Metzi Aguilar, José María Velásquez, José David Morán, Iris Palacios, Manuel Escalante, Oswaldo Feusier, Martín Martínez and Larissa Brilloso.

In July 2017, the technical committee selected six Public Policy Pilot Projects (PPPs) - two from each country - to enter the implementation phase with funding from the project. More information.

The Academy for Security Analysis will reinitiate its training with a new group of participants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras in June 2018.

The team of the Academy for Security Analysis thanks all the participants for their attendance and dedication, as well as the teachers for their collaboration and for sharing their knowledge.

The Academy for Security Analysis also deeply thanks the authorities of the participating institutions for having allowed their staff to attend the training program. We hope to have contributed to develop more the abilities in your institutions to inform the decision making process based on evidence in security matters.

Thanks to all of you, this training was a success.

Credit: Lic. María Antonieta Josa de Parada, president of the National Judiciary Council (CNJ) of El Salvador

Credit: Lic. María Antonieta Josa de Parada, president of the National Judiciary Council (CNJ), El Salvador.

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