Evaluation Of The Peacemakers Program: School-Based Violence Prevention For Students In Grades Four


Shapiro et al. (2001)


This study assesses the impact of a school-based violence prevention program called Peacemakers. The intervention is based on a 17-lesson curriculum delivered by teachers. In addition, students referred for aggressive behavior are sent to remedial sessions with school psychologists and counselors. In total, the study had almost 2000 students in an urban public school system.


The study took place in a Midwestern school system in the United States. Of the total sample under consideration, 71% were assigned to receive the program and 29% to be part of the control group. There is no mention of randomization and the authors note that the groups differ in ethnicity.


The program had positive effects on six of the seven variables assessed, which included teacher-reported aggression among students. There were significant reductions in aggression-related disciplinary incidents and in suspensions for violent behavior.

Full document here

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